Summit Radiology performs all routine fluoroscopy.  Fluoroscopy exams offer the radiologists a “real time moving” look at the inside of a patient’s body to help the referring physician in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient’s health concerns.  Fluoroscopy allows the radiologist a look at the following body systems:  digestive, urinary, respiratory, skeletal and reproductive.  This imaging tool is used in many types of exams, to include:  upper GI, barium enema, cystograms, arthrograms, lumbar puncture, biopsies and intravenous pyelograms.

Fluoroscopy exams will be performed in the radiology department on an outpatient or inpatient basis.  The type of exam ordered will determine how long the procedure will take.  Any preparation instructions will be given to you by your physician.


Barium Swallow Esophagram